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Born & raised in Northern California, Hector Garza has been DJ'ing & producing house music for over 18 years.  Famous for his house remixes of Sade's "By Your Side", Bob Sinclar's "I Feel for You", Everything But The Girl's "Missing", and Negrocan's "Pasilada", Hector Garza's music has received major airtime by many popular radio stations over the years.  In 2005, Hector Garza was 'discovered' by DJ Donovan of DonovanSF, the largest, most successful nightlife promoter in San Francisco.  Garza immediately became Donovan's 'exclusive' resident DJ at Donovan's legendary "TOP OF THE MARK" Thursday parties at the Mark Hopkins Hotel and has performed side by side with Donovan at every DonovanSF event to date. 

Garza's resume of DJ performances span from San Francisco's biggest, most famous nightclubs Ruby Skye, Ten15 Folsom, Temple, Vessel, Pink, Slide, Supperclub, Roe, 330 Ritch, Fluid, and Crash to San Francisco's biggest, most high profile events at City Hall, Bentley Reserve, US Old Mint Building, Top Of The Mark, Clift Hotel, W Hotel, Ana Mandara, Yoshi's San Francisco, Plumed Horse, Hotel Los Gatos, Sino, Butterfly, Monte Cristo, and Sens.

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Hector Garza's musical roots are in deep, soulful, vocal house inspired by what was once called "San Francisco House" in the early-mid 2000's during the era of famous San Francisco house djs Miguel Migs, Kaskade, Julius Papp, David Harness & Jay-J.  As the house scene in San Francisco evolved and changed with the times, Garza developed a more "mainstream friendly" style of house music, remixing popular top 40 tracks, to entice and attract a more "mainstream listener" and educate them on house music.  With the rise of DJ AM, and the "mash-up" sound prevailing over old & new San Francisco nightclubs that predominantly once were house-only clubs, Garza has been at the forefront 'battle line' fighting to keep house music alive & fist-pumping.  With his exclusive residency with DonovanSF for the past 5 years, Garza has been a key musical ingredient to the success of the famous Donovan parties that have reigned San Francisco nightlife for the past decade, and to date, remain the hottest #1 parties in a city, even though "Top 40" and "Mash-Up" is more popular.

"Hector has been my 'secret weapon' for 5 years.  He knows how to open & build the energy in a room to set up a DJ headliner to kill it.  He also knows how to close a room and have the dancefloor in a frenzy with cheers, hands in the air & smiles ear to ear.  He's a shape-shifter, I call him a chameleon.  He can 'metamorphasize' into whatever vibe I need.  I tell him we are doing latin house tonight, he kills it with latin house.  I tell him we are Djing all commercial Top 40 remixes tonight, he has the dancefloor packed with girls singing & dancing.  I tell him we are going "old school" deep house tonight, he has all the "old school" kids smiling & nodding their heads in approval." ~ Donovan

On April 17, 2010, Garza released his first CD compilation "REMINISCE: Timeless "Sing-Along" House Classics & Anthems, Vol. I".  With REMINISCE, Garza takes old classics such as Peter Heller's "BIG LOVE" & Stardust's "MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER" as well as recent club anthems such as Kaskade's "MOVE FOR ME" & Fragma's "TOCA'S MIRACLE", flawlessly remixes them with what is hot & contemporary in the biggest house nightclubs of the world.


 Hector Garza is the first DJ artist signed to Donovan's new talent management group DONOVAN ARTISTS.  After 5 years of exclusively on DJing at Donovan events, DONOVAN ARTISTS is accepting booking inquiries for DonovanSF's #1 resident DJ Hector Garza.  Under DONOVAN ARTISTS, Hector Garza has recently been signed with W Hotel San Francisco, Santana Row's hot new Sunday weekly "SOL SUNDAYS" at Jardin, as well as 99.7 FM's HOUSENATION Radio Show's as their DJ resident.



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